V příštích dnech vaříme


Sunny Canadian International School enrolls children from 2 to 6 years of age. During the learning process, we place emphasis on how to impart new knowledge through play-based learning and engaging experiences. We believe that the practical use of acquired skills and their linkage to practice, develops the child socially, emotionally and intellectually, leading to a successful school life. We foster autonomy in children, teach skills to solve problems, encourage creativity, and develop cognitive and social skills by applying modern pedagogical methods in combination with traditional approaches, which are provided by a team of professional educators. During each school year, we implement a range of overarching educational projects, during which children from all classes meet, collaborate and gain new experiences (e.g. Adventure around the World, Animal Kingdom)


The education program is based on the requirements specified in the MSMT Framework Educational Program for Kindergarten, which defines the development of pre-school education in the Czech Republic, combined with the curriculum of the Canadian province of Alberta to ensure that English language teaching is fully integrated into our pre-school education.


We offer:

    • An individual approach to children

    • Small class sizes

    • Admission of children from age 2

    • English and Czech teachers in the classrooms

    • English taught in a natural way

    • Mathematics taught through logical thinking using Professor Hejny’s methodology

    • Creative play - Polytechnic Education

    • Outdoor learning

    • Ongoing formative assessment

    • Pre-school preparation in both English and Czech

    • Gifted and talented diagnostic days

    • Continuity with academic education in elementary and high school

    • A wide range of extracurricular activities

    • Swimming lessons

    • Winter and spring trips

    • Our own school bus


English - our natural language...

    • Qualified native English-speaking teachers

    • Jolly Phonics program (reading and writing)

    • Development of the child's language skills and basic habits

    • An open environment so that new children can easily adapt

    • Development of fine and gross motor skills, visual differentiation, mathematical concepts

    • Thematic projects


How we learn...

    • Games that promote creativity, imagination and fantasy

    • Continuity with already acquired knowledge and skills

    • Thematic field trips

    • Large and small group activities with support, teamwork

    • Speeches and lectures with experts and interesting personalities


We know each other...

    • Family environment

    • 2 teachers for a maximum of 14 children in the classroom

    • Open and friendly communication between teachers, parents, and children

    • Events and workshops for parents


We learn outdoors...

    • Recognize nature's rules of care for animals and plants

    • Grow vegetables and fruit in garden plots

    • Pruhonice Park just 500 m from school


And more …


Since 2016, Sunny Canadian Kindergarten has been closely cooperating with Museum Říčany. We joined the project “Specialized Mentoring in Science and Polytechnics” and within this project, the methodology of Creative Play is developed. Four teachers from our Kindergarten are already involved in this project that develops children’s’ ability to think creatively and create.


The essence of the methodology of Creative Play in kindergarten is to transfer the action from the teacher to the child. With initial help from the teacher, the children learn to use real tools and a variety of material (i.e. wood, wires, wool, fabrics, pliers, scrapers, saws, hammers, needles etc.). Children are given enough time to make their own decisions and sufficient time for realization of their plans. During the process, children learn to prepare and think through their workflow. They make the decision about what they want to create, what material they want to use, what steps they need to take, where they should start and how to progress, and what their finished product might be used for. This process assures not only the development of the children´s fine motor skills but also the development of creative thinking, problem-solving skills, the ability to cooperate with others and the opportunity to discuss and share their own experience. The Creative Play method is a new scheme developed in Museum Říčany. The guarantor of the methodology is Mgr. Jindřich Lukavský, Ph.D. – pedagogue of didactics at the Pedagogical Faculty of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen.


We have extracurricular activities...

    • A wide range of extracurricular activities led by our teachers and external instructors

    • Includes: dance, science, sports, logic games, cooking, flute, yoga, piano, inline skating, ball games and many more


If you’re interested in enrolling your child, do not hesitate to stop by and visit the kindergarten.